The Directors

The Board of Directors is chosen from among the members of YACMAC at its Annual General Meeting usually held in November/December each year.

The current Directors are:

  • Richard Cosmos- Chairperson
  • Mary Cosmos
  • Sherona Boona
  • Robert Boona
  • Jade Wescombe
  • Kenneth Papertalk
  • Hayley Wilson
  • Nancy Allen

The Board meets at least four times per year, usually more often, and considers policy and operational matters.



The Corporation employs the following staff:

Mr Kevin Cosmos
Operations Manager

Ms Audrey Cosmos
Program Manager

Mr Noel Dodd
Ranger Coordinator

Ms Susan Mowarin
Ranger Team Leader

Ms Selina Mowarin

Ms Melissa Lees
HR and Finance Officer (location Perth)

The Rangers

  • Tamara Edgar
  • Sherona Boona
  • Hayson Lockyer
  • Patricia Starr
  • Joseph Starr
  • Andrew Magnus

Litter Clean-Up Staff

  • Clayton Nolan
  • April Walsh
  • Fredrick Cox
  • Jacob Heistek
  • Mikael Van Der Werwe
  • Matt Gradussov
  • Troy Tittums
  • Ryan West

Office Cleaner

  • Faye Horton